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#REDIRECT [[Thermal Resistance]]
|bgcolor = orange
|Box title = Fireproof Skin
|image = File: ahumantorchpic.png
|imagewidth = 350
|caption = The human Torch's skin is completely immune to the effects of fire
|Row 1 title = Ability/power to:
|Row 1 info = Be unharmed by fire}}
The power to be completely unharmed by fire and flame. A sub-power of [[Dermal Armor]], [[Invulnerability]] and [[Thermal Resistance]], and a variation of [[Selective Invulnerability]]. It is the opposite power of [[Cold-proof skin]].
==Also Called==
The user's body is unharmed and immune to fire. Most users of [[pyrokinesis]] have this ability so they are not hurt by their own power.
* [[Invulnerability]]
* [[Dermal Armor]]
* [[Enhanced Durability]]
== Limits==
*Insides (E.X: Lungs) may be vulnerable to heat.
*May be sensitive to lower temperatures.
==Known Users==
* The Human Torch (''Marvel Comics'')
* Roger (''American Dad'')
* Stefan Negrescu (''COVEN'') - Though his hair can still catch fire.
* Number Four (''I am Number Four'')
* Number Six (''I am Number Four'')
* Hellboy (''Hellboy'')
* Heatblast (''Ben 10'')
* Swampfire (''Ben 10'')
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