The power to create portals using fire. Technique of Fire Manipulation. Variation of Elemental Portal Creation.

Also Called

  • Agni/Igni/Phlego/Pyro-Portal Creation/Generation
  • Agnikinetic/Ignikinetic/Phlegokinetic/Pyrokinetic Portal Creation/Generation
  • Blaze/Flame Portal Creation/Generation
  • Fire Portal Generation


The user can create portals using fire.




  • May have a limit of time/range.
  • May be counteracted by water.
  • Possibly flammable to someone who steps through.

Know Users

  • Spirit of Flame (Arc The Lad)
  • Togabito (Bleach)
  • Gideon (Charmed)
  • Tyler Michaels (Charmed)
  • Hanzo Hasashi/Scorpion (Mortal Kombat)


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