The ability to seal fire into objects/beings. Variation of Elemental Sealing.


The user is able to seal fire within objects/beings and release them when needed, causing it to have various effects on the target.


  • Ignite the fire sealed within a targeted person to burn them inside out later.
  • Have the flames unseal when a specific condition is triggered, similar to a time or sensory bomb.
  • Seal away flames in the area with the effect of an extinguisher.
  • Have the heat of the fire inflict pain on the victim from inside out, preventing them from operating at full power.
  • Powerful or magical users may utilize more exotic flames — dark, hell, cosmic or holy fire — for devastating and interesting effects on the target.



  • Fire cannot be unsealed if the host is in an environment in which fire cannot exist (i.e. underwater, vacuum).
  • Targets of Fire Immunity or Water Mimicry cannot have fire sealed into bodies.
  • Meaningless against targets attuned to a fire physiology, such as phoenixes, unless the flames are strong enough to smother the target's body.
  • Powerful Fire Manipulation users can remove sealed flames.
  • Destruction of host body will unwittingly unleash sealed flames.

Known Users


Video Games


Known Objects

  • Bomb Ring (Final Fantasy IV)


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