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The power to gain powers by hosting fire-based beings/forces in one’s body. Variation of Symbiosis and Elemental Symbiosis.

Also Called

  • Fiery/Flame/Pyrokinetic Symbiosis
  • Flame Being/Force Symbiosis


The user gains powers by hosting fire-based-based beings/forces in one’s body. These can include embodiments of fire elemental forces, ethereal beings associated with or in charge of fire and heat elements or even entities comprised of a particular heat power. The bond between entity and host can impart powerful fire-based abilities based on the force being used, but as with most forms of Symbiosis, it can come with a price.




  • The fire entity may take over the host’s mind and/or body (Possession).
  • Fiery force may harm or even destroy the host’s body.
  • Host may develop vulnerabilities based on element’s nature, e.g., fire being weak against water.
  • Fire Absorption/Fire Immunity/Fire Negation could defeat user.

Known Users