The ability to create a flash-over environment. Sub-power of Omnicombustion. Variation of Combustion Inducement.

Also Called

  • Sea/Ocean Of Flames


User can generate/manipulate fire, smoke and heat in a confined area, until everything in that area ignites at once, creating an immensely dangerous situation for any mortal being. This can create an almost unbreachable fortress or a base for fireproof beings and can clear entire rooms of enemies in seconds. Using magic, a user can use different fires like: Hell Fire, Holy Fire or Cosmic Fire for an even deadlier effect.




  • Only works within a confined space.
  • Unless the user is fireproof, using this power is very risky.
  • Burns everything in the area to ashes very fast.

Known Users

  • Vincent Crabbe (Harry Potter); via "Fiendfyre Curse"
  • Aurum Pyrrhon (Kid Icarus Uprising)
  • Azazel (Supernatural)
  • Brady (Supernatural)
  • Robbie Reyes (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.)
  • Man on Fire (Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain)


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