The ability to induce and create a flashover environment. Sub power of Omnicombustion and superior power of Combustion Inducement. Possibly an effect / result rather than a power.

Also Called

  • Sea Of Flames


In a confined area, the user can gather or manipulate fire, smoke and heat until everything in that area ignites at once, creating an immensly dangerous situation for any mortal being. This can create an almost un-breachable fortress or base for fireproof beings and can clear entire rooms of enemies in seconds. Using magic, a user can use different fires like: Hell fire, Holy Fire or Cosmic Fire for an even deadlier effect.




  • Only works within a comfined space.
  • Unless user is fireproof, using this power is very risky.
  • Eventually burns everything in the area to ashes.
  • Takes a while to become effective.

List Of Users/Places

  • Hell (Most Religions)
  • The Sun (Reality)
  • Azazel (Supernatural)
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