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The ability to heal/mend all kinds of damage, including mental, emotional and physical. Advanced version of Restoration and Healing.

Also Called

  • Absolute Healing
  • Flawless Healing
  • Mental/Emotional/Physical Healing


The user is capable of undoing all affliction's done onto entity or object, be it mental, spiritual, mystical and physical damage. They can even restore and repair abilities, as well as resurrecting the recently deceased.




  • May have limited range, including touch only.

Known Users

  • Yhwach (Bleach)
  • Tatsuya Shiba (The Irregular at Magic High School)
  • Asclepius (Greek Mythology)
  • Hardner (Rave Master)
  • Amu Hinamori (Shugo Chara!); as Amulet Heart, Amulet Spade, Amulet Clover, Amulet Dia and Amulet Fortune
  • Rikka Hiiragi (Shugo Chara!); as Pure Feeling
  • Tadase Hotori (Shugo Chara!); as Platinum Royal
  • Nagihiko Fujisaki (Shugo Chara!); as Yamato Maihime
  • Rima Mashiro (Shugo Chara!); as Clown Drop
  • Utau Hoshina (Shugo Chara!); as Seraphic Charm
  • Danny (Zatch Bell); via Jioruku
  • Asclepius (Valkyrie Crusade)
  • Eir (Valkyrie Crusade)
  • Dr. Goat (Dr. Slump)

Known Objects

  • Dark Bring; Anastasis (Rave Master)


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