"I went to sleep with a bellyache that night and woke up amazed to be Alive. More than just alive. Energized!! I felt great! It had to be the Meat!! Whatever weird space vitamins it had made the taste almost worth it!!"
― Jo Nah/Ultra Boy (Legends of the Legion #1)

The ability to transfuse one's flesh tissues into others. Technique of Flesh Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Flesh Transferal


The user can transfer their flesh into another individual's, or taking flesh from another person into oneself, replacing lost and damaged tissues or enhancing the recipient's body.




  • Incompatibility may lead to the recipient's death.
  • Any weaknesses from the progenitor may be passed onto the recipient.
  • May be limited by the amount of user's flesh, if they cannot regenerate or recreate it.

Known Users

See Also: Appendage Assimilation.


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