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Power to manipulate flow.

Also Called

  • Current Manipulation/Control
  • Flow Control
  • Flux Manipulation/Control
  • Rheokinesis


The user can psychically manipulate the power and direction of flow, including the flow of any fluid (water and other liquids), gas (including breathable air), energy (such as heat, electricity and sometimes kinetic energy and light). Some higher level users can even manipulate the flow of time.




  • Manipulation can only be used to manipulate movement of matter and energy, not for more adept manipulation (such as turning water to ice, etc)
  • Weaker users may be unable to manipulate the flow of light, kinetic energy, life-force or time
  • Weaker users may be unable to manipulate flow more than one way (induce, direct, amplify, reduce, reverse)

Known Users

  • Hisako Yakumi (A Certain Magical Index)
  • Geraldine Rumlow/Vice Versa ( Marvel)
  • Pontos (Episode G)
  • Deep Snow (Rave Master); via Zero Stream