"To control food is to control life itself, you see! I create my dishes to foster life."
― Kirio Hikifune (Bleach)
"In this sweet land, donuts are foul as poison. You'd spit them out you would!"
― Homer Simpson (The Simpsons)

The power to augment food. Sub-power of Food Manipulation. Variation of Object Augmentation. Opposite to Food Dilution. Not to be confused with Flavor Augmentation.

Also Called

  • Attack Cuisine
  • Food Enhancement
  • Meal Augmentation/Enhancement


User can augment the quality of any food/meal, empowering/healing anyone who then eats it.



Known Users

  • Kirio Hikifune (Bleach)
  • Satsuki Yotsuba (Negima)
  • Komatsu (Toriko)
  • Tonio Trendy/Trussadi (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 4: Diamond is Unbreakable)
  • Sanji (One Piece); via Attack Cuisine
  • Reinhard van Astrea (Re:Zero); via Taste King


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