The power to utilize food in combination with physical combat. Technique of Food Manipulation. Variation of Organic Combat.

Also Called

  • Food Fighting Style
  • Food Martial Arts
  • Cibumkinetic Combat


User is able to utilize Food Manipulation with their physical combat.



Known Users

  • Bianchi (Reborn)
  • Fionna (Adventure Time); Flapjack sword
  • Marvina Anians (Comet Lucifer)
  • Tony Chu (Image Comics/Chew)
  • Caesar Valenzano (Image Comics/Chew)
  • Lunch Lady Ghost (Danny Phantom)
  • Akiko Minase (Eternal Fighter Zero)
  • Guacamole Monster (Skylanders)
  • Pain-Yatta (Skylanders)
  • Aeon Calcos (Soul Caliur)
  • Cervantes (Soul Caliur)
  • Maxi (Soul Caliur)
  • Nightmare (Soul Caliur)
  • Axel (Kingdom Hearts)
  • Saïx (Kingdom Hearts)
  • Happy (Fairy Tail)
  • Hassan Fullbush (Horizon In The Middle of Nowhere)
  • Mael-Strom/Yuki Yoshida (Is This A Zombie?)
  • Wanze (One Piece)
  • Noa Sakura (Pan de Peace!)
  • Ukyo Kuonji (Ranma 1/2)
  • Urizane (S-CRY-ed)
  • Cheese Ninja (Ninja the Mission Force)
  • Gordan (Ninja the Mission Force)
  • Saucerors and Pastamancers (Kingdom of Loathing)
  • Gaslight Joker (Infinite Crisis)
  • Kung Food (Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir)
  • Johnny Jawbreaker (Action 52)
  • Homer Simpson (The Simpsons); as Pie-Man


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