"There are some existences constructed from Academy City’s AIM diffusion fields. There is Kazakiri Hyouka and DRAGON. …But what if I made the scale even greater? What about the world’s oceans… no, the air. The air across the entire world. If I could preserve my giant thought processes based on its movements, I would be reborn as something that far exceeds an AIM thought being. What would I see once that happens?"
― Yakumi Hisako (A Certain Magical Index)

The power to transcend body, shape and form. Not to be confused with Formlessness.

Also Called

  • Appearance/Body Transcendence


User transcends body, form, and shape both corporeal and incorporeal/noncorporeal alike. They are like the wind, in that they are literally considered everywhere yet they can't be seen, heard, smelled, tasted or touched and can only experienced by feeling its effects on your body or surroundings and doesn't have a body or shape of any kind, corporeal or incorporeal, its just simply there.

They are outside the very concept or idea of a physical/non-physical body. They aren't merely formless, rather they are more like a presence or feeling that surrounds you. As they have no appearance/body by any means or definition, they cannot be physically interacted with on any level and can only be experienced or felt by their interactions with their surroundings, making them immune to any power that effects either the body or spirit/soul as they are beyond both.




Known Users

  • Goddess of Destiny (Brave Story)
  • Yakumi Hisako (A Certain Magical Index); temporarily
  • Elaine Belloc (DC Comics); via becoming the Presence
  • Great Attractor (Diebuster)


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