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The power to project formulas that cause non-mundane effects. Sub-power of Formula Manipulation and Science Manipulation. Scientific version of Spell Casting.

Also Called

  • Equation Manifestation/Materialization
  • Formula Materialization
  • Formulae Manifestation/Materialization


The user can manipulate the fabric of reality by constructing a formula(s) and materialize it into reality to have effect ideally to what the formula says. For example, the user can create a formula that eradicates a person or a population of their free will through an equation that makes life, hope and freedom irrefutably pointless or even construct a formula that provides the user control over gravity, motion or etc.





  • Formulas created may harm the users.
  • Requires intelligence.
  • Some imagined formulas may be unreachable, such as taking hundreds of years to write.

Known Users

  • Anti-Life Equation Users (DC Comics)
  • Kyle Rayner (DC Comics): via Life Equation and the White Ring
  • Highfather (DC Comics): via Life Equation
  • Takumi Nishijou/The Shogun (Chaos; Head)
  • Mathter (Kim Possible)
  • Mr. Stoppable (Kim Possible)
  • Ryner Lute (Legend of the Legendary Heroes); as Solver of all Formulas
  • Users of Formula Jutsus (Naruto)
  • Ferb Fletcher (Phineas and Ferb)
  • Max Faraday (Wildstorm Comics): via Creation Equation
  • TAO (Wildstorm Comics): via Creation Equation