Power to save a future moment in time and reset forward to that point. Technique of Time Manipulation. Variation of Flash-Forward.

Also Called

  • Time Save Skip


User can "save" a future moment in time and save that moment and skip to it (or go foward to) that point. The user could skip time to that save point whenever they want. This is mostly used when the user or an ally is doing well at something at the current moment, but it can be used when the user is not doing well at the moment, with the risk of skipping time only to be defeated at that time.



  • May have a limit for how long time can be saved to go to.
  • Certain things may prevent the forward time save.
  • May carry wounds and other injuries to the save point.
  • Time can only be reloaded on the saved point, not a second sooner or later.
  • Users of Spatial-Temporal Lock, Omnilock or Temporal Protection will know time was skipped.
  • May require Precognition or Accelerated Probability to determine when to save.
  • Users cannot stop an Inevitable Event.
  • Pointless to use against users of Temporal Erasure as they can permanently erase all points in time that were saved.
  • User may not be able to control or change the save point.

Known Objects

  • Temporal Transceiver (Marvel Animated Universe/X-Men)


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