"Look at me! What do you see?! Not a man you could love -- but instead, some hideous -- at best pitiful -- monster!"
― The Frankenstein Monster (Marvel Comics)
"You rat bastard. I catched that wild son of a bitch, at least I had sense enough to leave when the fire alarm went off! Some doc you are! Ain't got any common sense, and now look at ya. You look like one of them things that's sewed together."
― Sheriff Rockwood to Dr. Franklin after his secondary reanimation. (They Hunger)

The power to use the abilities of Frankenstein's monster. Variation of Artificial Physiology and Undead Physiology.

Also Called

  • Artificial Human Mimicry/Physiology
  • Corpse Doll Mimicry/Physiology
  • Corpse/Flesh Golem Mimicry/Physiology (Dungeons and Dragons)
  • Frankenmonster Mimicry/Physiology
  • Frankensteinian Monster Mimicry
  • Patchwork Being/Monster Mimicry/Physiology


User with this ability either is or can transform into a Frankensteinian monster, a being created from (possibly several) corpses of dead people, or sometimes animals. As they are formed from dead beings, they lack most of the weaknesses of living beings, including need for sustenance or rest, pain, etc. Due to the fact that most such monsters are animated by electrical impulses, they are naturally resistant to electrical attacks and some may possess other electricity related abilities as well.





  • User may have a relative amount of intelligence depending on the condition of the brain.
  • May be slower than other beings due to massive size and weight.
  • May require electric energy in order to live/stay awake.
  • May possess an instinctive/reflexive fear of fire.
  • May be subject to rot or necrosis due to the components most commonly coming from dead tissue.

Known Users

See Also: Frankensteins Monster.

  • Frankenstein's Monster (Various Media)

Live Movies

  • Frankenstein (Godzilla series)
  • Gaira (Godzilla series)
  • Sanda (Godzilla series)
  • Adam Frankenstein (I, Frankenstein)
  • Human Centipede (The Human Centipede)


  • Infantata (American Horror Story: Murder House)
  • Adam (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
  • Elsa Hyde (Here Come The Munsters!)
  • Frankenstein Monster (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers)
  • Boltz (My Babysitter's A Vampire)
  • Gerhardt (Once Upon a Time)
  • Herman Munster (The Munsters)
  • Charlie Munster (The Munsters)
  • Brona Croft/Lily (Penny Dreadful)
  • The Creature (Penny Dreadful)
  • Proteus (Penny Dreadful)
  • Zeletrax (Power Rangers Dino Thunder)
  • The Kindred (Sleepy Hollow)
  • The Kindress (Sleepy Hollow)
  • Bolt (Summer in Transylvania)
  • Frankenstein "Styne" Family (Supernatural)


  • Translyians (Ben 10 series)
    • Frankenstrike
    • Doctor Viktor
  • Frankengymteacher "Coach" (Casper's Scare School)
  • Sparky (Frankenweenie)
  • Coldstone (Gargoyles)
  • Frank (Hotel Transylvania)
  • Eunice (Hotel Transylvania)
  • Julius (Mickey Mouse: Runaway Brain)
  • Frank Stein (Mona the Vampire)
  • Frankie Stein (Monster High)
  • Cluster Gems (Steven Universe)
  • Sally (Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas)
  • Frank Frankenstein (The Baskervilles)
  • Fran Frankenstein (The Baskervilles)
  • Young Frank Frankenstein (The Baskervilles)
  • Little Monster Annie (The Baskervilles)
  • Francis (Zombie Hotel)
  • Frank (Monster Mash)
  • Frankencreep (Scooby Doo! Frankencreepy)
  • Frankie Mash (Super Monsters)
  • Frankenswine (Monster Farm)
  • Venturestein (The Venture Bros.)



Video Games

  • Manpigs (Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs)
  • Brute Boris (Bendy and the Ink Machine)
  • Victor von Gerdenheim (Darkstalkers)
  • Guardian (New Blood Interactive's DUSK)
  • Frank (Madworld)
  • Frankenstein's Monster (Fate/Apocrypha)
  • Brigade (Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects)
  • Olaric (Return to Castle Wolfenstein)
  • Charlie Nash (Street Fighter V)
  • Franken (Valkyrie Crusade)

Tabletop Games

  • Black Sun's creations (Anima: Beyond Fantasy)
  • Flesh Golems (Dungeons & Dragons)
  • Adam (Ravenloft)
  • Prometheans (World of Darkness/Promethean: The Created)
  • Cyber-Stein (Yu-Gi-Oh!)
  • Ghostrick Stein (Yu-Gi-Oh!)
  • Number 22: Zombiestein (Yu-Gi-Oh!)


  • The Boogeyman (Grim Tales: After Birth)
  • SCP-542 - Herr Chirurg (SCP Foundation)
  • Frankenstein Monster (Scooby-Doo! in the Coolsville Contraption Contest)


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