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"You think freedom is something that you can give or take on a whim ... To people, freedom is just as essential as air. And without it, there is no life, no hope. There is only ... darkness"
― Zaheer (Avatar: The Legend of Korra)
"Humans often refer to this as destiny, as fate. Only the weak utter such nonsense. It's completely different for the truly strong: they create this so-called destiny with their own hands."
― Naraku (Inuyasha)
"Destiny... Fate... Dreams... These unstoppable ideas are held deep in the heart of men. As long as there are people who seek freedom in this life, these things shall never disappear!"
― Gol D. Roger (One Piece)
"Before the age of the twilight set upon the gods, a legend rose to claim his place among them. And even though Kratos sat on the throne as the new god of war, he was haunted by visions of his family, a family he himself murdered. But the hands of death could not defeat him. The sisters of fate could not control him. And on this day, the man, the legend, Kratos will have his revenge."
― Narrator (God of War III)

The power to be free and unattached to boundaries. Opposite to Meta Fate Manipulation. Not to be confused with Freeing.

Also Called

  • Unrestricted Free Will
  • Boundary Immunity/Transcendence
  • CHIM (Elder Scrolls)
  • Complete Volition
  • Moksha (Jainism)
  • Ultimate Free Agent
  • Ultimate Liberty
  • Unfettered/Unfetteredness


Users possess an enhanced level of freedom and independence from laws, rules, fate, predestination, concepts, limits, and other types of cosmic, spiritual, mental, physical and mystical jurisdictions, making the users resistant to or outright immune to their effects. Whilst the lowest level of this amounts to an enhanced free will and an immunity from societal laws, rules and jurisdictions, the higher levels allow a user to be completely free from fundamental aspects of reality, such as logic or causality, their own origin or even, at the highest level, from absolutely everything.

Even the lower levels of Freedom would be capable of performing feats such as making attacks, counters, defences, etc. that break known conventions, due to the user being free of those conventions, or infringing on (though not outright ignoring) fundamental aspects of reality such as physics or causality. Moving into the mid levels starts accessing capabilities such as shredding an enemy with just one movement (since that movement can be repeated over and over from many directions at the same time, without breaking physics or reality), or even performing an attack with the force of a cosmic scale explosion, but without the collateral damage, as the user is entirely free and independent of the laws that would dictate the consequences of such an attack, and so can make them whatever they please.

At its highest levels, Freedom is limitless in its potential, as one is free to do what they wish, how they wish, since they are free from anything that could prevent them from doing so, and nothing can affect or define them in any way unless they allow it to. Since nothing can define them, they are simply whatever they want to be, and nothing can hold them back in any way. So long as someone has the mind and will to do something, the upper levels of Freedom allow it to be performed.

The only being capable of using this power in its Absolute form is the Omnipotent - Absolute Freedom is similar to Absolute Transcendence in that, similarly to how only an Omnipotent being can truly be Absolutely Transcendent (as there is nothing that can transcend the Omnipotent), only an Omnipotent can have Absolute Freedom and be independent of everything, as absolutely everything is entirely dependent upon the Omnipotent, and nothing can be free of it. Everything is exactly whatever the Omnipotent wants it to be, and so the only true user of Absolute Freedom is the Omnipotent.


Basic Level:

Enhanced Level:

Ultimate/Absolute Level:


  • Effect Generation (T3 Enhanced Freedom and up) - the higher levels of Freedom are free from the need for a 'cause' to their desired 'effect', and so can make practically any effect happen without a rational cause.
  • Life Determination (T3 Enhanced Freedom and up)
  • Cosmic Otherness - users of Absolute and Ultimate Freedom (and, to a lesser degree, T3 Enhanced Freedom) can choose to forgo/deny everything, becoming something entirely other, absolutely distinct from everything else.
  • Ultimate and Absolute levels of Freedom can be applied to perfectly recreate the effects of any power, even without necessarily granting the power itself, as the user is free to do whatever they want.


  • Basic Level - Users are free from and unaffected by normal laws and forms of jurisdiction. Laws cannot be applied to them, it is practically impossible to imprison or restrain them by normal means, and their free will is, for all intents and purposes, impossible to take away, rendering them immune to all but the most powerful forms of control, as well as potentially granting them the ability to deny fate, as their enhanced free will allows them to act against and somewhat alter its course. They may also be free from aspects of their physical condition such as disease, or the need for bodily neccessities such as food and water. They are, however, still subject to the laws of reality, and the whims of higher powers.
  • Enhanced Level - Users retain all of the abilities of the Basic Level, on top of varying levels of freedom from the laws of reality:
    • Type 1: Users have an enhanced level of freedom that allows them to infringe, to varying degrees, on one or more of the laws of reality, such as the laws of physics. They are generally only capable of doing this to a limited extent, only in certain ways, and are susceptible to forces capable of enforcing these laws to a greater degree. For example, a user of this level of Freedom may be able to infringe on the laws of physics to reduce or ignore the effects of gravity, allowing them to float as though unaffected by it.
    • Type 2: Users are living anomalies that are completely free from one or more of the laws of reality, such as logic or causality, and even forms of jurisdiction like fate. They exist completely independently of these rules, and can choose whether or not to adhere to them, allowing them to perform feats that should be completely impossible on a whim, based on the particular law(s) that they are free from. A user of this level of Freedom may be capable of completely ignoring the laws of physics to fly or pass through walls, ignoring the boundaries between realities to cross between them, ignoring causality to render themselves completely immune to most abilities or arrive somewhere before they actually start travelling, or move free from restrictions. The actual capabilities of this type of Freedom varies greatly depending on what the user is actually free from, but consistent among all users is the ability to do seemingly impossible things as a result of their freedom.
    • Type 3: Users are completely free from all laws of reality, and of reality itself, making them immensely powerful. These users appear to possess a Nigh-Omnipotent level of power, and are capable of doing practically anything, as they are free from all laws that could prevent them from doing so, with the sole exception of Absolute and Almighty Laws. They are also still susceptible to the whims of Nigh-Omnipotent and Omnipotent beings. Aside from these, there are no laws or forms of jurisdiction that could apply to them unless they allow them to, not even their own origin.
  • Ultimate Level - Users of this level of Freedom are Nigh-Omnipotent in nature, being completely and absolutely free from and independent of everything, with the exception of the Omnipotent, or another Nigh-Omnipotent being created by the Omnipotent to be capable of affecting the user. Aside from these limitations, a user of this level of Freedom is capable of doing and being whatever they want. This form of Freedom is the fundamental principle behind most Absolute abilities, being what allows them to operate completely without limit, whilst still being susceptible to and incapable of affecting the Omnipotent. The only difference between Ultimate and Absolute Freedom is that Ultimate Freedom is not free from the Omnipotent, whilst Absolute Freedom is the Omnipotent.
  • Almighty Level/Absolute Level - Absolute Freedom is a fundamental principle, and perhaps the truest expression, of Omnipotence, and the Omnipotent is the only being capable of possessing this level of Freedom. An Omnipotent, in their purest form, is beyond everything, from understanding to the totality itself. They are impossible to comprehend in any way, and literally exceed everything. So, when coming down into their creation, they must allow things like causality, logic, gravity, physical form, etc, to apply to them so that they can interact with the world. However, they are still capable of doing absolutely anything on a whim, and the rules only seem to apply to them because they are actively choosing to adhere to them. Nothing can affect, define or limit them unless they allow it to, giving them the capability to transcend anything/everything on a whim, be whatever they want to be, and have any abilities they desire, or even all abilities at once. This complete and total freedom is an expression of their Omnipotence, without being Omnipotence in its purest form.



Known Users

  • Asura (Asura's Wrath)
  • Various Characters (Baki the Grappler)
    • Yuuichiro Hanma
    • Yuujiro Hanma
    • Baki Hanma
    • Biscuit Oliva
  • Empty Hand (DC Comics)
  • Swamp Thing (DC Comics)
  • CHIM Users (Elder Scroll)
  • Primordial Deities/Entities (Mythology)
    • Behemoth (Judeo-Christianity)
    • Leviathan (Judeo-Christianity)
    • Ziz (Judeo-Christianity)
  • Virgil, The Ring Lord (Saga Frontier)
  • Transgressors (Tales of Crestoria)
  • The Dragon (Touhou)
  • The Creators/The Gods (Umineko no Naku Koro ni)

Known Locations

  • Iron Republic (Fallen London)




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