"It did not function. But it must function."
"Nothing could go wrong, Captain. It should work."
"A scientific fact. But if the tranquillizer does not function, which is clearly impossible, then a radical alteration of our thought patterns must be in order."
― Spock and McCoy (Star Trek)

The ability to induce impairments to function.

Also Called

  • Malfunction Inducement
  • Defect Inducement


The user can cause nearly anything to stop working properly, causing glitches to happen in target, such as making a door not open, make a book unreadable, make a target's powers not work properly, make a target's mind not work properly, making spoons and forks not pick up food, etc.




  • May only be able to affect certain targets.

Known Users

  • Users of Rune, the second level of the cantrip Naming (World of Darkness)

Known Objects

  • Indulgence Disk (C3: CubexCursedxCurious)
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