The power to manipulate the four fundamental/interactive forces: Strong Force, Weak Force, Electromagnetism and Gravity. Sub-power of Universal Manipulation and Cosmic Manipulation. Variation of Force Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Dynamokinesis
  • Four Interactive Forces Manipulation
  • Fundamental Interaction
  • Interactive Forces Manipulation
  • Unified Field Manipulation


The user is able to manipulate the four interactive forces of Strong Force, Weak Force, Electromagnetism and Gravity all in one.

The user has control of the four fundamental forces of the universe, reaching nearly any effect they desire. As a result, the user can rearrange matter to create other configurations and can even transmute elements and manipulate space-time to a degree by using gravity to distort them.






  • Control is needed to avoid disaster.
  • Distance, amount of force, precision, etc. depend upon of the knowledge, skill, and strength of the user.
  • User is limited to the laws of relativity.

Known Users

  • Bombshell (DC Comics)
  • Captain Atom (DC Comics)
  • Firestorm (DC Comics)
  • Major Force (DC Comics)
  • Onimar Synn (DC Comics)
  • Solarr (Valiant/Gold Key)
  • The Silver Surfer (Marvel Comics)
  • Hyperstorm (Marvel Comics)
  • Franklin Richards (Marvel Comics)
  • Molecule Man (Marvel Comics)
  • Nebula (Marvel Comics); temporarily
  • Okhwang (The God of High School)
  • Han Dae-Wi (The God of High School)
  • Dr. Manhattan (Watchmen/DC)

Known Objects

  • Firestorm Matrix (DC Comics)
  • Quantum Field (DC Comics)
  • Orbs of Power (Image/Wildstorm)
  • Infinity Union (Marvel Comics)
  • Power Gem (Marvel Comics)
  • Space Gem (Marvel Comics)

Known Weapons

  • Ascalon (Ben 10)
  • Nth Metal (DC Comics)


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