"No no, go past this. Past this part... In fact never play this again."
― Dark Helmet (Spaceballs: The Movie)
"It's still too soon for the End Roll!"
― Tagline (Endro~!)

The power to accelerate future events. Sub-power of Future Order Manipulation. Opposite to Future Delay. Not to be confused with Time Acceleration.

Also Called

  • Future Acceleration


User can accelerate any future events that have yet to happen, causing them to happen in sooner they should. They can even cause paradoxes such as making an candle have melted before it was even lit, or make it rain before the clouds have formed.

Unlike Time Acceleration, the user does not accelerate the flow of time, rather, they making what should happen in the future happen sooner, happening in the present or near future.




  • Cannot change the future, just when it happens.

Known Users

  • Count Up (Valkyrie Crusade)
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