The power to replicate the future of others. Sub-power of Future Manipulation. Technique of Non-Physical Replication. Opposite to Past Replication.

Also Called

  • Future Copying/Duplication/Imitation/Mimicry


The user can replicate the whole of or aspects of future events of a target, making those events theirs as if the user will go through them like the target did. The user can copy any future event, which may replace the user's own future events that they themselves went through before replication. The user may replicate future powers of others yet to exist.




  • May be limited to some aspects of the future.
  • May have a time-limit for how long the future events are retained.
  • May only be able to copy a limited amount of futures at a time.
  • May need to be within a certain distance.
  • May need physical contact.
  • May need Precognition before copying future events properly.
  • May be permanent on the target and/or user.
  • May be unable to mimic copied/stolen futures.
  • May not be capable to replicate futures from objects.
  • Weak against Future Removal.

Known Users

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