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The power to have blood that creates living beings. Variation of Blood Property Manipulation, Genesis Creation and Supernatural Blood. Not to be confused with Blood Cloning.


Users blood possesses an innate property of creating living creatures when shed.


  • May influence creations by exposing blood to certain environmental elements.
  • Reabsorb creations recycling the organic materials of creations.



  • Cannot use outside sources of blood for creation.
  • May be used involuntary due to nature of ability.
  • If blood is diluted or otherwise loses its potency an inferior creation might be the result.
  • Creations may be dependent on the user in some way.
  • May not be able to reabsorb creations.
  • Blood Consumption is a perfect counter.

Known Users

See Also: Fertile Blood.

  • Medusa (Clash of the Titans 1981 Original)
  • Calibos (Clash of the Titans 2010 Remake)
  • Cronus (Class of the Titans)
  • Asmodeus (Forgotten Realms); via its True Body
  • Ouranus/Uranus (Greek Mythology)
  • Typhon (Greek Mythology)
  • Medusa (Greek Mythology)
  • Raktabija (Hindu Mythology)
  • Bruce Banner/Hulk (Marvel Comics)
  • Kronos (Wrath of the Titans)