"Born from the smokeless flame, they received the gift of free will. Like you, sweetling, they tread the snake-tongued path to goodness or wickedness. Way back, in the Long Ago, before apes were given tongues to speak as humankind, other, glorious beings wandered the lands and soared the skies. They made the sphere of our Mother a rich world of uncountable delights. The Host brought new sentience to life, beings you call demons and spirits. The jinn were among the first."
― The Buzzing, The Secret World
"Once, in a time before time, God breathed life into the universe. And the light gave birth to Angels. And the earth gave birth to Man. And the fire gave birth to the Djinn, creatures condemned to dwell in the void between the worlds. One who wakes a Djinn will be given three wishes. Upon the granting of the third, the unholy legions of the Djinn shall be freed upon the earth. Fear one thing only in all that is...fear the Djinn."
― Opening Narration, Wishmaster

The power to use the abilities of genies. Variation of Mythic Physiology.

Also Called

  • Djinn Mimicry/Physiology
  • Genie Mimicry
  • Jinn Mimicry/Physiology
  • Majin Mimicry/Physiology (Dragon Ball)
  • Shedim Mimicry/Physiology (Judaism)


User with this ability either is or can transform into a genie (literally: to hide, to conceal, also djin, jinn), a supernatural creature in Arab folklore and Islamic mythology that occupies a world parallel to that of mankind.

They may be free-willed Demons and/or Lesser Angels or redeemable fallen angels, some of them aligned with Paradises.

Traditional jinn are made of smokeless flame or are the spirits of dust devils (hence the term) and like human beings, they are both free-willed and can be good, evil, or neutral. They live in their own communities, are usually invisible to mortals and can change their shape.

Modern genies are either connected to one of the classical elements or are extremely magical beings able to grant wishes and manipulate reality on a large scale.



Elemental genie:

Wish-granting genie:

Types of Genie



  • Genies may be bound to a receptacle (usually imagined as a lamp), which they cannot leave without certain events happening (someone rubbing the lamp, certain commands, etc).
    • Anyone who holds the receptacle may have command over the genie, forcing it to grant them wishes.
    • Destruction of the receptacle may either kill the genie or release it.
  • A genie's immense magic may be limited to rules that forbid it from granting just any wish or use magic for their own gains and desires.
  • Shapeshifting may be limited to specific species.
  • May be susceptible to strong scents (for example asafetida, musk, ambergris, etc.).

Known Users

See Also: Our Genies Are Different.


  • Jasmine and Genie-Poo (The Scooby Doo and Scrappy Doo Show)
  • Jordan (Descendants: Wicked World)
  • Desiree (Danny Phantom)
  • Jean (Pacman and the Ghostly Adventures)
  • Norm (The Fairly OddParents)
  • Gigi Grant (Monster High)
  • Nadakhan (Lego Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu)
  • Jeremy the Genie (PAW Patrol)
  • Shazzan (Shazzan)
  • Genies (Sofia the First)
    • Sergeant Fizz
    • Kazeem
  • Genie (A Kind of Magic)
  • Shimmer (Shimmer and Shine)
  • Pixel Pinkie (Pixel Pinkie)


  • Genies (Arab Folklore/Mythology)
    • Aicha Kandicha (Moroccan Folklore)
  • Winged Genies (Assyrian Mythology)
  • Awb/Familiar Spirits (Christianity); arabic bible only
  • Shedim (Judaism)
  • Peri (Persian Mythology)


  • Jinn (Arabian Nights)
  • GENIE (Doctor Who:The Stone Rose)
  • Ifrit (American Gods)
  • Djinn (Bartimaeus Trilogy)


  • Majin Buu (Dragon Ball Z)
  • Mr. Popo (Dragon Ball Series)
  • Majin (Dragon Ball Series)
  • Djinn (Magi)
  • Lampmon (Digimon)
  • Sierra Zadou (PuiPui!)
  • Judgement (JoJo's Bizarre Adventures Part III Stardust Crusaders)


  • Genius (Aladin); Indian movie
  • Jeannie (Jeannie, Bakit Ngayon Ka Lang?)
  • Kazaam (Kazaam)
  • Aneesa (Return to Halloweentown)
  • The Djinn (Wishmaster)
  • Barani (The 7th Voyage of Sinbad)
  • Genie (Disney's Aladdin)
  • Jafar (Disney's Aladdin)
  • Gene the Genie (Ducktales: The Movie: The Treasure of the Lost Lamp)

Video Games

  • Akinator (Akinator)
  • Ruby (Dark Cloud)
  • Dark Genie (Dark Cloud)
  • Fake Genie (Dark Cloud)
  • Djimmi the Great (Cuphead)
  • Genies (Sonic the Hedgehog)
    • Shahra
    • Erazor Djinn
  • Genie (The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening)
  • Genie (Valkyrie Crusade)
  • Jinn (Valkyrie Crusade)
  • Shantae (Shantae); half-genie
  • Hoopa (Pokémon)
  • Ninjini (Skylanders)
  • Jinn (The Secret World)
    • Amir
    • The Unbound
  • Genie (The Sims Franchise)
  • Razi (Havenfall is for Lovers)

Trading Card Games

  • Djinn (Magi: Labyrinth of Magic)
  • Genies (Yu-Gi-Oh)


  • Bruce (The Genie from Down Under)
  • Baz (The Genie from Down Under)
  • Jeannie (I Dream of Jeannie)
  • Genie (Wizards of Waverly Place)
  • Genie (Charmed)
  • Jinny (Charmed)
  • Ablah (Legacies)
  • Ginu (Aladdin - Naan Toh Suna Hoga)
  • Jinn-e-Anghuti (Aladdin - Naan Toh Suna Hoga)
  • Magic Mirror/Sidney Glass (Once Upon a Time)
  • Cyrus (Once Upon a Time in Wonderland)
  • Taj (Once Upon a Time in Wonderland)
  • Rafi (Once Upon a Time in Wonderland)
  • Jafar (Once Upon a Time in Wonderland)
  • Will Scarlet/Knave of Hearts (Once Upon a Time in Wonderland)
  • Djinn (Supernatural)
  • Genie (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers)
  • Jenji (Power Rangers Mystic Force)


Known Objects

  • Genieless Lamp (Doraemon)
  • Hoya Hoya no Mi (One Piece)


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