The power to be a gestalt form of a dragon. Variation of Dragon Physiology, Hybrid Physiology and Gestalt Form.

Also Called

  • Cross-Species Dragon Physiology
  • Fusion Dragon Physiology
  • Hybrid Dragon Physiology


The user is or can transform into a gestalt form of a dragon; a potential fusion of a dragon combining with different species together to create a brand new kind of unique dragon with all of their respected powers, traits, abilities and skills mix in as one. Depending on what kind of gestalt form they have, this can give a user a lot of diversity. For example fusing an Asian and Western Dragon together will create a new dragon with both abilities or even combining with a dinosaur to create a Dino-Dragon a creature with the primal instinct of a dinosaur combined with the supernatural powers of a dragon.



Gestalt Dragon Types:


Known Users

  • Dragons (Arabian Mythology); Bird Dragon and Snake
  • Dragons (Norse Mythology); Lizard and Snake
    • Fafnir
    • Jörmungandr
    • Níðhǫggr
  • Dragons (Eastern Mythology); Dragon and Snake
  • Tannin/Tinnin (Arabian/Hebrew Mythology)
  • Fusion Dragon-Type Monsters (Yu-Gi-Oh)
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