The power to possess the traits of a Ghost Lord. Variation of Spirit Physiology and Mythic Lord Physiology. Not to be confused with Transcendent Ghost Physiology.

Also Called

  • Exspiravit Dominus Physiology
  • King of Ghosts/Spirits
  • Ghost/Phantom/Spirit Lordship
  • Lord of Ghosts/Phantoms/Spirits
  • Lady of Ghosts/Phantoms/Spirits
  • Master of Ghosts/Phantoms/Spirits
  • Mistress of Ghosts/Phantoms/Spirits
  • Queen of Ghosts/Phantoms/Spirits


The user either is or can transform into a Ghost Lord, the most powerful form of spirit. Unlike lesser spirits, the ghost lord possesses greatly enhanced abilities above them and may command legions of incorporeal undead of various sorts, including ghosts, banshees, revenants, wraiths, alas, and germans. Furthermore, they may have access to the ability to travel between the worlds of the living and the dead, and even create portals between the two.





  • Still posses all of the natural spirit weaknesses but to a lesser degree, with the type depending on their type of spirit.
  • May be incapable of controlling someone who has been reanimated as one of the corporeal undead.
  • If originally alive, the user may have to die in order to access these powers.

Known Users


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