"A giant's the worst! A giant has a brain. Hard to outwit a giant. A giant's just like us, only bigger. Much, MUCH bigger! SOOO big that we are just an expendable... bug beneath its feet." BOOM. Crunnch."
― The Witch, Into the Woods

The power to use the abilities of giants. Variation of Mythic Physiology. Opposite to Little People Physiology.

Also Called

  • Clod Mimicry/Physiology
  • Giant Mimicry
  • Gigantes Mimicry/Physiology (Greek)
  • Hulk Mimicry/Physiology
  • Lump Mimicry/Physiology


User with this ability either is or can transform into a giant, humanoid being of prodigious size and strength common in the mythology and legends of many different cultures. Most obvious changes are increased size (ranging from relatively normal-sized but big to huge to closer geological scale), strength and endurance. Generally, giants lack any real supernatural abilities, but they can have the same ability to learn as, for example, humans, and some have truly impressive powers.



Types of Giants



  • Users usually require large amounts of food/sustenance.

Known Users

See Also: Our Giants Are Bigger.


  • Humbaba (American Dad)
  • Giants (American Dragon: Jake Long)
  • Tiny (Ever After High)
  • Giants of the Sleepy Valley (Fables)
  • Amazonians (Futurama)
  • Unattractive Giant Monster (Futurama)
  • Stan (Futurama)
  • Brunhilda Brigand (Gold Digger)
  • Russel Hobbs (Gorillaz)
  • Frost Giants (Marvel Comics)
  • Groot (Marvel Comics)
  • Grogg (Marvel Comics)
  • Susan Murphy/Ginormica (Monsters vs. Aliens)
  • Scott the Dick (South Park)
  • Diamonds (Steven Universe)
  • Gem Fusions (Steven Universe)
  • Paul Entmann/Humunculoid (The Venture Bros.)
  • Iris (The Hollow)



  • Goliath (Abrahamic Religions)
  • Paul Bunyan (American Folklore)
  • Gigantes (Greek Mythology)
  • Giants (Mythology)
  • Jötunn (Norse Mythology)
  • Kapre (Philippine Mythology)

Live Television/Movies

  • Crash McLarson (The Aquabats! Super Show!)
  • Giants (Jack the Giant Killer)
    • Cormoran
    • Galligantua
  • Prudence (Knight Squad)


Video Games


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