The ability to generate explosives with a high amount of gravitation. Sub-power of Gravity Attacks. Combination of Volatile Constructs and Gravity Manipulation


The user can create explosives that are infused with gravitons. The effects can be controlled by users, from increased gravity, reduced gravity, or even a complete reversal of gravity for everything in the explosion radius. These explosions can usually be thrown or projected.


  • Pin down enemies for capture with increased gravity.
  • Reduce gravity in an area to remove cover.
  • Hurl enemies into the sky by reversing the properties of the explosives.
  • With training, singularities could be made for an instant.


Known Users

  • Maro (Black Cat)
  • Bulzeeb (Bomberman 64: The Second Attack)
  • Rukifellth (Bomberman 64: The Second Attack)
  • White Bomber (Bomberman 64: The Second Attack)
  • Kiyama Harumi (A Certain Scientific Railgun); via Level Upper
  • Hatsuya Kaitabi (A Certain Scientific Railgun)
  • Gravimon (Digimon)
  • Subject Sigma (Bioshock 2: Minerva's Den DLC)
  • Ryu Hayabusa (Ninja Gaiden)


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