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"Not even a trickster, a master of probability can beat gravity."
― Gayus Levina Sorel (Dances with the Dragons)

The power to have absolute and infinite control over gravity. Absolute version of Gravity Manipulation. Variation of Personal Domain.

Also Called

  • Absolute Gravity Manipulation
  • Absolute Gravitational Manipulation
  • Master of Gravity
  • Ultimate Gravity Control


Users have absolute and infinite power over gravity, allowing them to manipulate the gravity of everything in the universe/multiverse, not mattering whether they are physical locations, such as higher dimensions, heaven or hell, or metaphysical locations such as the dream world.

They can create gravitational effects that can even affect incorporeal and metaphysical life forms who are normally at an alternate plane of existence, such as dream sprites, ghosts, and deities.



Known Users

  • Black Dragon (Chrono Cross)
  • Space Monsters (Diebuster)
  • Zinv (Dual Parallel Trouble Adventure)
  • Diabolos (Final Fantasy)
  • Heidi (Hungry Joker); in Enhanced Form
  • Greg Willis/Gravity (Marvel Comics); with the Protectors of the Universe
  • Dr. Calvin Desmet/SCP-001 - Djkaktus's Proposal II - Atonement (SCP Foundation)
  • Idol (Tenchi Muyo GXP)
  • Orbit (Valkyrie Crusade)

Known Locations

  • Planet Limbo (Space Dandy)