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"I look up to the sky...And offer my wish to the Day star! Asking its light to shine, and illuminate all we have forgotten!"
― Fractale

The power to call upon the supernatural forces of to help guide them.

Also Called[]

  • Supernatural Guidance


The user can call supernatural forces to help them guide the user for almost any scenario, to perform a task, find their way to a location, overcome adversities (personal or universal), etc., they can even be guided to fulfill a certain destiny.




  • Sometimes, the power of guidance can be misleading.
  • Depending on method of communication the actual message may be vague or easily misinterpreted.

Known Users[]

  • Users of Imago Interrogation (AD&D)
  • People of Agartha (Children Who Chase Lost Voices)
  • Alicanto (Chilean Mythology)
  • Billy Batson/Shazam (DC Comics)
  • Shazam Family (DC Comics)
  • Virgil (Dante's Inferno)
  • Alphonse Reid (Escanaba in da Moonlight)
  • Willa Jocelyn (Escanaba in da Moonlight)
  • Brian (Half Baked); via a pouch containing the ashes of Jerry Garcia
  • Chi Wizards (Jackie Chan Adventures)
  • Yasuho Hirose (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 8: JoJolion); via Paisley Park
  • Yatagarasu (Mayonaka no Occult)
  • Prophets (Monotheistic Religions)
  • Chibiterasu (Okamiden); via Guidance
  • Michigami (Okamiden)
  • Articuno (Pokémon)
  • Moltres (Pokémon)
  • Guide (Shachibato! President, It's Time for Battle!)
  • Shaher (Shakugan no Shana); as the God of Guidance
  • Force Sensitive Users (Star Wars)
  • Kyle Baldwin (The 4400)
  • EagleBones Falconhawk (The Aquabats! Super Show!); via receiving it from the Spirit of the Sun
  • Shamans (Various Cultures)
  • David Camp/The Cartographer (Valiant Entertainment)
  • Fool (Youkai Apartment no Yuuga)
  • Sonar Clione (Yumekui Merry); as the Guide