The power to be a half-mutant. Variation to Mutant Physiology and Hybrid Physiology.

Also Called

  • Half-Abomination/Deviant/Freak/Mutated Physiology


The user either is or can become a half-mutant. Compared to mainstream deviants, they have mutations that made them lose their trace of what race they are halfway, yet they still have their consciousness and rationality intact, and this is what makes them stronger than ordinary mutants.





  • Half-Deviants still have instability in their DNA, but only to a much lesser extent.

Known Users

  • Albert Wesker (Capcom/Resident Evil 5); when infected with Uroboros
  • Teresa/Talon (DC Animated Universe/Static Shock)
  • Turanga Leela-Fry (Futurama)
  • Gido (Marchen Awakens Romance)
  • Deviant/Mutant Hybrids (Marvel Comics/X-Men)
  • Human/Deviant Hybrids (Marvel Comics/X-men)
  • Maelstrom (Marvel Comics)
  • Herbert Landon (Marvel Comics/Spider-Man: The Animated Series)
  • Curtis Miller (Resident Evil: Degeneration); 1st Stage
  • William Birkin (Resident Evil Series); 1st Stage
  • J’avos (Resident Evil 6)
  • Hybrids (System Shock 2)


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