The ability to possess the physical body of a robot with illusion-based abilities. Combination of Bionic Physiology and Illusion Physiology. Variation of Elemental-Mechanical Physiology and Superior Machine Physiology.


The user is or can become a robotic being which combines technology with illusion-based abilities and they possess a wide range of abilities associated with illusions.




  • Robots are susceptible to weaknesses in relation to technology.
  • Illusion Negation
  • Users of Illusion Awareness and Illusion Reflection are immune.
  • Users of Psychic Shield (highly resistant) and Psychic Immunity (impervious).
  • People with Danger Intuition may be able to distinguish a fake illusion by telling which one is really a threat.
  • May be limited to creating illusions that affect only certain senses, sight being the most common as a result people with Enhanced Senses might be able to see through it.
  • May have to limit the number of mental powers to control the illusion.
  • May be unable to create accurate illusions, such as making things that don't exist or situations that would never happen in a million years. One common mistake is misplacing a feature on a person or forgetting to add shadows to their forms.
  • People with Detection or other sensing-based abilities may be able to distinguish the illusions as fakes.

Known Users

  • Mysteria/Misty Beck (Marvel Comics)
  • Magic Man (Mega Man)
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