The power to use the traits of a Hannukkah entity. Variation of Holiday Entity Physiology.

Also Called

  • Hanukkah Entity Mimicry/Form


The user either is or can become a Hanukkah entity, personification of Hanukkah and its variations. The powers of a user can differ greatly based upon what aspect of the holiday they take the shape of. They do not necessarily need to be one of the traditional holiday entities.



  • All powers may only be active on Hanukkah.
  • The user may only be allowed to roam freely on Hanukkah.

Known Users

  • Hanukkah Harry (Saturday Night Live)
  • Hanukkah Zombie (Futurama)
  • Hanukkah Ninja (Ninja the Mission Force)

Known Locations

  • Hanukkah Town (Robot Chicken)


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