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The ability to possess the powers of, having the physical traits of, or is a Hashmallim Angel. Variation of Angel Physiology. Combination of Virtues Angel Physiology and Lightning Deity Physiology. Another version and equivalent to Angel Lord Physiology in power.

Also Called

  • Hashmal Angel Physiology
  • Hashmal Lord
  • Lightning Angel Physiology
  • The Hashmallim
  • The Shining Ones


A user with this ability either is or can transform into a Hashmallim Angel from Jewish mythology. They are Angels who known how are known for their love, kindness, and grace, as well as being associated with the storms and the divine elemental power of lightning. The Hashmallim are the equivalent to the Dominations or the Lordships Angels.




Known Users


  • Barachiel (Abrahamic Faiths); unofficial member, angel of lightning.
  • Hashmal (Abrahamic Faiths); co-leader
  • Gabriel (Abrahamic Faiths); co-leader
  • Jophiel/Zophiel (Abrahamic Faiths)
  • Michael (Abrahamic Faiths); other sources
  • Tadhiel (Abrahamic Faiths); other sources
  • Zadkiel (Abrahamic Faiths); head leader
  • Zacharael (Abrahamic Faiths)