The power to project beams of healing energy. Sub-power of Healing Energy Attacks. Variation of Beam Emission and Healing.

Also Called

  • Healing Beam/Blast/Ray/Arc Emission/Projection/Generation


User can project beams of healing energy to restore biotic organisms to their optimal health.




  • Healing Immunity
  • May be limited to healing either oneself or others.
  • May only be able to heal non-fatal wounds.
  • There could be a chance of hitting the enemy.
  • May be deflected by reflective surfaces.

Known Users

  • Asia Argento (Highschool DxD)
  • Lamia (Betterman)
  • Avatars (Charmed)
  • Robo (Chrono Trigger)
  • Kabuto (Naruto)
  • Majin Buu (Dragon Ball Z)
  • Kendra (Stargate Sg-1); via Goa'uld Healing Device
  • Medic (Team Fortress 2); via MediGun
  • Leo Wyatt (Charmed)
  • God Eaters (God Eater Burst); via Healing Bullet/Laser/Blast/etc
  • Mercy (Overwatch); via Caduceus Staff
  • Moira O'Deorain (Overwatch)
  • B.E.R. (Teen Titans Go!)

Known Objects

  • The Medi Gun (Team Fortress 2)
  • The Kritzkrieg (Team Fortress 2)
  • The Quick-Fix (Team Fortress 2)
  • The Vaccinator (Team Fortress 2)
  • The Dispensers (Team Fortress 2)
  • The Caduceus Staff (Overwatch)


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