The ability to negate healing factors. Sub-power of Health Manipulation. Variation of Power Negation.

Also Called

  • Healing Block/Negation/Nullification
  • Healing Factor Cancellation/Negation
  • Regeneration Cancellation/Negation
  • Unhealable Wound Inducement


The user can negate the healing factors of other beings and essentially render others more vulnerable to damage. Users who deal lethal attacks to others will place their victims in critical conditions due to the victim's body being unable to heal the damage.



  • Effects of user's negation may be temporary for more enduring healing factors.
  • Higher-level healing factors are more difficult to negate/hinder in function and may still have a degree of activity despite being partially nullified.
  • Users of Body Recreation and/or Power Anchoring are immune.
  • Effects of user's negation may be cured.

Known Users

Known Objects

Known Powers

  • True Fire of Samahdi (Boruto)
  • Planetary Rasengan (Naruto)


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