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The power to heal others through intense, undoubting and pure prayers. Sub-power of Faith Empowerment and Prayer Manipulation. Variation of Healing. Technique of Holy Gift and Empathic Healing.

Also Called

  • Belief Healing
  • Faith Healing


User can heal others through intense, undoubting and pure prayer.




  • Disturbance from Evil forces might be a hindrance and a destruction to the prayers.
  • May change sudden events (Event Manipulation) and situations of the one's that has been healed.
  • Might accidentally resurrect an evil entity from a human body that was possessed before by Demonic forces.
  • Decision making and other probabilities (Probability Manipulation) might be affected or might affect the thought and the mind while praying and can cause to not be able to heal anybody.
  • The mind and the body has to rest too as they are not able to heal themselves except for maybe the God the person prayed to will heal the user of this power.
  • Cannot stop whatever is already destined to happen but may be able to stop it only for a while.

Known Powers/Techniques

  • Prayer Of Healing (Dungeons & Dragons)

Known Users

  • Gabriel "Santino" Guillermo M. Policarpio/Rodrigo (May Bukas Pa)
  • Calumon (Digimon Tamers)
  • Rosa Farrell (Final Fantasy)
  • Paula (Earthbound)