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*[[Fire Aura]]
*[[Fire Aura]]
*[[Fire Manipulation]]
*[[Fire Manipulation]]
**[[Hellfire Manipulation|Hell-Fire Manipulation]]
**[[Hell-Fire Manipulation]]
**[[Ice Fire Manipulation]]
**[[Ice Fire Manipulation]]

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Power to use the abilities of Hellcats. Variation of Mythical Bestiary and Feline Physiology.

Also Called

  • Hellcat Mimicry


User with this ability either is or can transform into an Hellcat, a demonic being in feline form. Users with this power commonly have a Fire Aura that is shaped like a feline, but with abilities, can have Hellfire Manipulation, Ice Fire Manipulation, or just normal Fire Manipulation. This depends on the power level of the user.



  • User is susceptible to holy-based abilities
  • If not a true Hellcat, user is generally weak against Water-based abilities
  • May have specific weaknesses against hellhounds.

Known Users

  • Hellcat (Dungeons & Dragons)
  • Entei (Pokémon)
  • Flash Leopard (Beyblade V-Force)
  • Red (All Dogs Go to Heaven 2)


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