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The power to enter an intensively dormant state. Sub-power of Metabolic Manipulation. Opposite to Accelerated Metabolism.

Also Called


The user can enter hibernation, a state of inactivity and metabolic depression/suppression characterized by low body temperature, slow breathing and heart rate, and low metabolic rate. User may be able to slow the metabolism to the point of effective death.

The purposes of hibernation include conserving energy, safety reasons, healing, etc.



Known Users

  • Annie Leonhart (Attack on Titan)
  • Hydromander (Ben 10: Reboot)
  • Hive (Destiny)
  • Bleu (Breath of Fire)
  • Valerie Bateson (Breath of Fire II); in her dragon form
  • Cthulhu (Cthulhu Mythos)
  • Naraku (InuYasha)
  • Karl Ruprecht Kroenen (Hellboy)
  • Alucard (Hellsing)
  • The Lustrous (Houseki no Kuni)
  • Spider-Man (Marvel Comics)
  • Goddess of Dawn (Invaders of the Rokujyoma)
  • Pillar Men (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part II: Battle Tendency)
  • Rock Humans (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure part 8: JoJolion)
  • Ventus (Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep)
  • Standstill Users (Onegai Teacher)
  • Snorlax (Pokémon)
  • Lorophage Demons (Angel & Faith)
  • Vul Isen (Star Wars)
  • Jackie Estacado (The Darkness)
  • Sleeping Beauty (Sleeping Beauty)
  • Chiropteran Queens (Blood+)
  • Lunarians (Final Fantasy IV)
  • Carbuncles (Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles)
  • Jason Voorhees (Friday the 13th)
  • Anyone with Ena (Nagi no Asu); via gorging and fasting
  • Cadis Etrama Di Raizel (Noblesse)
  • The Creeper (Jeepers Creepers)
  • It (Stephen King's It) - Every 27-30 years
  • Aang (Avatar: The Last Airbender)
  • Shadow the Hedgehog (Sonic)
  • Apocalypse (Marvel Comics)
  • Puma Man (Puma Man)
  • Cthulhu (Valkyrie Crusade)
  • Necalli (Street Fighter)
  • Racnoss (Doctor Who)
  • Silurians (Doctor Who)
  • Nitros (Toriko)
  • Eugene Tooms (X-Files)