The power to use living mechanical armor. Advanced combination of Symbiotic Costume and High-Tech Exoskeleton. Variation of Power Suit and Symbiote Creation.

Also Called

  • Cybernetic Symbiotic Armor/Exoskeleton


The user utilizes a suit of living, biological armor that is bound to only the user, allowing them complete control of the armor without the threat of it being stolen by another or hacked. Being symbiotic, the armor is able to rearrange its structure into any size of weapon in order to fit the wearer's need in battle.

Alongside its wide array of abilities and powers, the suits malleable structure also grants it regenerative powers, allowing to recuperate even in the most intense of situations and even go as far as to recreate itself and the user after being obliterated.




  • May be vulnerable to opposing, stronger variations.
  • May permanently bond with the user using symbiosis, ultimately resulting in the user becoming totally dependent upon it.
  • Removal of the suit may require "skinning" the user out of it in conscious state, which almost all of the time will result in death due to blood loss, intense pain and shock.
  • Tracking invasion takes up a lot of suit energy while heavily engaged in intense activities like running and combat.
  • Malfunction may occur within the suit resulting in most of the abilities being temporarily disabled.
  • May fall victim to a hive mind.
  • May require a long time and more power to evolve into a more powerful version.

Known Users

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