The power to become stronger while high on intoxicating substances. A sub-power of Intoxication Embodiment and variation of Alcohol Empowerment but not to be confused with it.

Also Called

  • Wasted Embodiment


The users of this power can become stronger with the mental, emotional, supernatural and physical high the user gets when on a certain substance. The high can dangerously increase the users physical conditions to be fit, super strong, fast, and even increase in cellular regeneration.

The user who is emotionally high can experience a sense of relaxation, can have a different personality, and the user can be very excited or hyperactive. The user's mental state becomes high with substances can increase a user's mind with hallucination, intellect and senses. The user can become high with their superpowers, their powers are augmented, faster, stronger and uncontrolled.



  • The user can become an addict with the substances they are on in which they crave more.
  • The substances the user is on if overdosed can end up killing the user or severely damage the user.

Known Users

  • Bane (DC)
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