The power to be inhumanely hilarious. Sub-power of Clown Physiology.


The user are so incredibly funny that they could make their targets, even ones with no humor at all, laugh so hard that they not only make them lose focus on things serious or important to them, but also cry, break their ribs, be driven mad, and even die from hearing or even seeing anything having to do with the user and their humor.




  • The user may need a good enough wit for their humor to be effective on their targets.
  • Since the user is abnormally funny, they can never be taken seriously by others.
  • The user may need to be careful on who they make laugh in order to avoid unintended consequences.
  • Users of Gag Immunity are immune.

Known Users

Known Objects

  • Joker Venom/Smylex gas (DC Comics/Batman)
  • Smile perfume (King Leonardo and His Short Subjects)
  • Giggle bubbles (Krypto the Superdog)
  • The World's Funniest Joke (Monty Python)
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