"We stopped looking for monsters under the bed when we realize they're inside of us."
― The Joker (DC Comics)

The power to use the abilities of a human monster. Variation of Monstrel Physiology and Monster Physiology. Nadir of Human Physiology and all it’s variants. Opposite of Alpha Human Physiology.

Also Called

  • Human/Monster Hybrid


The user is a human-monstrosity; a very dark and dangerous variant of humanity who has monstrous qualities, characteristics and physiologies with various, but very dangerous supernatural powers.

Their birth can come from a state of manifestation from sheer rage/will. Unleashing inner monsters sired by hatred can be as real as the user themselves, with all the given qualities representing users' monstrous state of being, possibly leading to corruption, which can resemble the worse of humanity.

In other cases their creation can be brought fourth from experimentations involving a mixture of a literally monsters in the body of a human (having the same power level of a actual monsters), be only half as strong as a monster, or in some rare cases can be stronger than both.

Users mind can also be altered to have monstrous qualities that can make them all the terrifying, having a violent, cruel, insane and sadistic nature that equals their strengths, however due to their human half users can have an inner struggle between right and wrong, burden to continually fight their innermost demons to maintain their humanity.






  • Can fall under an alpha monster’s dominance.
  • Due to conflicting genetic markers, a user may be weaker than a full blooded monsters.
  • Due to the inner struggles of ones humanity and monstrosity user’s can develop, multiple personalities.
  • Their monstrous nature can overwhelm their humanity, drowning in fury causing carnage to any in their path.
  • An alpha human is more then capable to overcoming any kind of human-monsters.

Known Users


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