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The ability to have sharp turning abilities. Not to be confused with Non-Linear Travel. Variation of Hyper Motion.

Also Called

  • Directional Turning
  • Supernatural Turning


The user can make sharp/acute turns at any speed (except zero speed, as the user must be moving), even, but not limited to, zero radius. This can be also done in the air if the user has the ability to do so, which can be done while jumping, flying, leaping, etc. This is usually done by curving or zigzag movements. They can change their direction to dodge obstacles and attacks while moving. This can also be done at full speed or less, without losing any speed. They can even change direction vertically, such as running upwards on walls or running down them, or turning on them. The user also is able to reverse their direction without losing their momentum in order to do multi-point turns like cars do, such as a two or three point turn, and many other point turns not done before; all without losing speed and even in tight spaces.

This is done by using centripetal force and acceleration, which means the square of a speed of 26 meters per second and a 0.001 meter radius can lead to a high acceleration of 676,000, and with a mass like 62 kilograms, makes a centripetal force of over 40,000,000, which no human can usually do. This is just an example, as there are more magnitudes that can fit into this. This can be more impressive at higher speeds and/or tighter turn radius.

This can even be done without high speed, just a tight radius. They may just need enhanced reflexes, high strength or the ability to defy inertia. This power can be used to outmaneuver and outflank opponents aside from staying on paths with tight turns.





  • Does not grant faster speed unless the user also has Enhanced Speed.
  • May have a limited as to exactly how sharply they can turn.
  • May not be able to move in certain directions as easily as they do with others without changing facing.
  • User may be limited in the number of directional changes they can perform.
  • Overuse of the power may cause the user to become dizzy and/or disorientated.

Known Users

  • Kinecelerans (Ben 10 series)
  • Sonic the Hedgehog (Sonic the Hedgehog)
  • The Wizard of Speed And Time (The Wizard of Speed and Time)

Known Objects

  • FEISAR Agility (Wipeout)