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The power to hypnotize others via body parts. Variation of Hypnosis and Supernatural Bodily Aspects.

Also Called

  • Hypnotic Bodily Aspects/Attributes


The user is able to use one’s body parts to affect or directly influence others people's minds to their commands, inducting the state of mind in which they lose the power action through suggestion and direction of the users body part be it hands, eyes, etc, by other using a form of physical gesture or using hypnotic imbued properties to said body parts in order to take command of others mind to their will.





Known Users

  • Barbas (Charmed)
  • Wicked Witch (Charmed)
  • Lelouch Lamperouge (Code Geass)
  • Lilah (Ctrl+Alt+Del)
  • The Mighty Endowed/Nina Dowd (DC Comics)
  • Kaa (Disney's The Jungle Book)
  • Master Muten Rōshi (Dragon Ball); via Hypnosis Technique
  • Xuriel Shahara Tantalis/Dabbler (Grrl Power)
  • Shuuya Kano (Kagerou Project); via Deceiving Eyes
  • Meiko Ginya (Keijo!!!!!!!!)
  • Mio Kusakai (Keijo!!!!!!!!)
  • Experiment 383 "Swirly" (Lilo & Stitch)
  • Plan Chu/Golden Claw (Marvel Comics)
  • Sauron (Marvel Comics)
  • Okami (Manyuu Hikenchou)
  • Sarah (Misfits)
  • Sharingan Users (Naruto/Boruto: Naruto Next Generation)
  • Mr. Peabody (Mr. Peabody and Sherman)
  • SCP-597-The Mother of Them All (SCP Foundation)
  • Areola (Stroker and Hoop)
  • Mammon (Seven Mortal Sins)
  • Brother Blood (Teen Titans)
  • See More (Teen Titans)
  • Kumboh (Twilight Saga: The Storytellers - The Groundskeeper)
  • Sara Iijima (Private Psycho Lesson)
  • Vampires (Folklore)
  • Usobuki Tadashi (Funouhan)
  • Vampirella (Vampirella)