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The state of embodying ice. Variation of Elemental Embodiment and Ice Manipulation.

Also Called[]

  • Ice Incarnate/Personification
  • The Ice


Users embody ice, possessing key physical characteristics and/or personality traits related to the concept, such as having a predominantly blue or white and/or possessing a cold persona. Most embodiments are the most powerful users of ice in their universe, having unparalleled control and dominion over ice and perhaps other things related to it, such as water and the cold. Otherwise, they could be ice itself.

An absolute embodiment of ice would hold supreme dominion over everything related to it in every conceivable and inconceivable way, such as being the source of ice on the conceptual level, with ice being dependent on their existence, and possessing absolute knowledge and understanding about the concept, essentially being omnipotent over it.


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