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The power to create monsters from one's Id. Variation of Psychic Creature Creation.


The user can create monsters from their Id, the part of the mind that contains the instinctual drive and most savage instincts of a human. The beast can take any form depending on the mental state of the user, the more mentally unstable the user is the more dangerous the monster becomes. Since the monster is a mental image, they cannot be seen by regular vision. Because the monsters are created by the survival instincts, they cannot be destroyed by anyone or anything other than the user.






  • Unless the user has complete control over their Id, the beast may not listen to commands and attack anyone perceived as a threat.
    • Complete control over the Id may make the beast weaker due to the Id being made from Instinct and Self-Preservation rather than doing what the user feels is "right".
      • On the contrary, if the user desires to "survive" or anything in that ball park, the Id beast will not weaken due to being in their "nature", that however depends if or if not the Id beast weakens based on commands or desires to begin with.
  • Unstable state of mind.
  • The user may be left vulnerable as they are the only thing keeping the beast anchored to the physical world.

Known Users

  • Id Monster (Forbidden Planet)
  • Yakumo Kurama/Ido (Naruto)
  • Mogami Kyoko (Skip Beat!)