The ability to summon subject(s) of art and/or media. Sub-power of Paint Manipulation. Variation of Summoning.

Also Called

  • Art Summon
  • Media Life Creation


User can summon any kind of beings, tools, objects, etc. that already exist in/as picture, painting, photo, etc., whether made by the user or others, such as cards, TV images, and manga/comics.




  • Works only with paper images, TV/PC images and etc. but not with surface images
  • The summoned subject(s) are connected to what they come from, if the source is destroyed or damaged the summoned subject(s) disappear.
  • If the summoned subject(s) comes from a TV/PC screen, will exist as long as the image is on the screen, if interrupted/broken, the summoned subject(s) disappear.

Known Users

  • Ungalo (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part VI: Stone Ocean); via Bohemian Rhapsody
  • Kanjuro (One Piece)
  • Orlouge (Saga Frontier)
  • Bloat (Wild Cards)


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