The ability to manipulate imaginary elements. Variation of Elemental Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Imaginary Element Control


The user can create, shape, or manipulate elements outside of the regular sphere of magical elements, like the Godai (Earth, Fire, Water, Wind, Void/Aether) and the Wu Xing (Wood, Earth, Water, Fire, Metal), imaginary elements are not recognized by any system. It's possible to use magic based on these imaginary elements, or create constructs using them.

Known imaginary elements

  • Hollow/Emptiness (also called Imaginary Numbers)

The Hollow element is defined as something "which is possible, but is not in the physical plane".

  • Nothingness

The Nothingness element is defined as something "which is not possible, but materializes".



The Hollow element is highly effective against spiritual bodies, but not so effective against those whose bodies are not made of Aether. When restraining spells are used along with this element, it is possible to imprison and skewer the target into a separate dimension composed entirely of shadows.




  • May be unable to create elements, being limited to manipulating already existing one.
  • May be unable to manipulate normal elements.

Known users


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