The power to manipulate imaginary physics. Sub-power of Science Manipulation. Variation of Physics Manipulation. Not to be confused with Scifi Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Fringe Science Control/Manipulation
  • Hypothetical Physics Control/Manipulation


User can manipulate imaginary physics, the part of physics that deals with things that either don't fit into standard categories or are not fully understood or unknown (Imaginary Mass, Virtual Particles, Imaginary Numbers, etc.), possibly relating to higher dimensions or what is now considered to be fringe science.

Since imaginary physics are considered to be a gray area, it may seem like magic rather then science to others, in fact some users may have enough skill to make it actually step into the realm combining them.




Known Users

  • Accelerator (A Certain Magical Index); after Awakening
  • Janie (A Certain Scientific Railgun)
  • Leliel (Evangelion)
  • 4-D Beings (Star Ocean: Til the End of Time)


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