"King of Mars."
"What's your business?"
"I need this one back"
"Hmm....what will you give me for him?"
(Puts out a penny)
"(Laughs) Not this time, your majesty."
"(Laughs) In that case, I offer my immorality."
― Death and King of Mars (Adventure Time)

The ability to purchase immortality from others. Sub-power of Absolute Buying. Variation of Immortality Bestowal.

Also Called

  • Immortality Purchasing


Users can purchase the immorality from anyone who's willing to sell it to them. These exchanges can range from/with regular beings, supernatural beings, gods, cosmic entities, etc. The user can make these exchanges with things of equal value whether it being money, souls, ancient artifacts, and much more.




  • Users must follow the law of equivalent exchange. In order to receive what's being offered to them they must offer something of equal value.
    • Users may not have the sufficient funds to buy whats being offered to them.
  • Users can't purchase the immortality of absolute immortals.
  • Can't purchase anything if it's not being sold to them.

Known Users

  • Death (Adventure Time)
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