Power to manipulate impacts and collisions. Sub-power of Kinetic Energy Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Collision Control/Manipulation
  • Impact Alteration/Control


The user can manipulate the forces of impacts and collisions and make objects come to a dead stop after hitting something, or bounce back from hitting something. They can also cause objects to move and push things they hit if they have large mass and also control the amount of deformation, heat and sound that occurs in a collision, or even use this to cause objects to tear through walls. With enough training, the user can turn their surrounding environment into a pinball machine-like environment.


  • Collision Inducement
  • Damage Amplification
  • Damage Reduction
  • Impact Absorption
  • Impact Defiance
  • Impact Immunity
  • Impact Infringement
  • Can make objects bounce around the area like a pinball
  • Can make some objects tear through things like obstacles and walls
  • Can cause objects to come to a dead stop after hitting something
  • Can cause an object to bounce off of something, like the wall or the floor
  • Can cause objects with large enough mass to push another object after impact
  • Can make objects come to a dead stop on impact while the object is sent moving
  • Can control the overall intensity of the collision
  • Can manipulate collision deformation, heat and sound
  • Can manipulate the action-reaction forces of an object



  • May be hard to control.
  • If the user is not careful, they may cause unintended chaos with impact.

Known Users

  • Accelerator (A Certain Magical Index)
  • Victor Powered (Buso Renkin); via Fatal Attraction.
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